Choi Wan (I) Estate

Other location names: 
Clear Water Bay Road; Fung Shing Street
Tenure type: 
public rental estate (Hong Kong Housing Authority)
Multi-storey block details: 
sixteen multi-storey blocks containing 5900 dwellings. Block names: Boon Yuet House; Cheung Bor House; Chi Siu House; Fei Fung House; Kam Lam House; King San House; Koon Yat House; Ngan Ho House; Pak Fung House; Pak Hung House; Sau Man House; Sing San House; Sze Yu House; Yau Lung House; Yuk Lun House; Yat Yuet House
Detail of Choi Wan (I) Estate
Detail of Choi Wan (I) Estate